If you think

in terms of a year, plant a seed
if in terms of ten years, plant trees
if in terms of hundred years, teach the people

He who plants a tree

plants hope

Look deep into nature

and then you will understand everything better

The best time

to plant a tree is twenty years ago
The second best time is now

A falling tree

makes more noise than a forest that grows


Face the Future started as a foundation in 1990 to offset the CO2 emissions of a coal-fired power plant in The Netherlands that was going to be build. read more

Closing the Carbon Cycle

The philosophy of Face the Future is based on the principle of closing the carbon cycle. Carbon is essential to all life on Earth. Read more

The Way Forward

We consider it logical, natural and socially fair that industrial activities go hand in hand with restoring nature, for the well-being of current and future generations. Read more

Face the Future – Restoring ecosystems worldwide

What is New?

PROFAFOR’s Carbon Footprint Neutralised

We are pleased to announce that our subsidiary PROFAFOR S.A. is the first company in Ecuador that is has offset their carbon emissions. The independent certifier ICONTEC has audited PROFAFOR for their emissions in 2013. To offset their carbon emissions of 31,52 t/CO2,... read more

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