Carbon Footprinting

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released into the atmosphere are the main drivers for global warming, due to the burning of fossil fuels, mass deforestation and unsustainable land-use in agriculture. As an organisation, you can play an important part in reducing these emissions. We can help you with mapping out your carbon footprint, i.e. to determine your annual GHG emissions, specified by source and activity. We also advice you on how to reduce your carbon footprint as well as supporting sustainable forestry projects that create value in developing countries.

What is a carbon footprint?

Among the GHG’s, Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is the most significant contributor to global warming. Every business – unknowingly or unintentionally – adds to the issue of climate change because of its carbon emissions.  This effect is also called a carbon footprint; the amount of CO₂ that is released through the production of goods and services a company either owns or delivers. These emissions are often associated with electricity and gas usage for the office,  a production process and fuel use for company vehicles and other means of transport.

What exactly does a carbon footprint do?

A carbon footprint gives insight into your business and production processes and can bring you many advantages:

  • Meet increasing demands for sustainable practices from consumers, organisations and governments.
  • Enhancing your corporate social responsibility image to (potential) clients.
  • Create a more sustainable business and reduce costs in energy, paper and raw material.

Together we decide which parts of your business will account for the calculation of your carbon footprint. Finally we will deliver a clear calculation and reduction report for either a specific product, service or for the entire organisation.

A step by step process

  1. Through customer inquiries we will collect data on your energy usage, waste management, etc.
  2. When calculating your carbon footprint we use the methodology of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
  3. Determine possible ways of reducing carbon emission and cost savings, fitting your organisation and purpose, by means of a clear reduction plan.
  4. Neutralise the remainder of your carbon emissions through the purchase of voluntary carbon credits from certified forestry projects that we offer. These types of projects will allow you to create value in developing countries and their communities.

Why should you buy voluntary carbon credits?

Carbon credits from forestry projects allow you to do more than just neutralising your carbon emissions. You actively participate in the restoration of tropical rain forests, the improvement of habitats of endangered animal and plant species and increasing the economic development of local communities.

We only deliver carbon credits from projects that are certified against internationally recognised standards. The carbon credits you buy from us will have a unique serial number that is related to the project. After your purchase, you can connect the carbon offset to any of your own products and services, or develop corresponding marketing campaigns to reach out to your customers.

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