Carbon Offset Sourcing

We help organisations to identify the right type of carbon offsets or Verified Emissions Reductions (VER’s) for offsetting your footprint or for you to offer climate neutral services or products. We make sure you support the projects that you really appreciate by purchasing their VER’s.

There is a variety of projects available: planting new forests, protecting existing forests, providing energy efficient cookstoves in poor rural areas, building small scale hydro installations or windmills – there is a lot of choice. Many of these project provide all kinds of co-benefits, like forest projects that  protect endangered wildlife, provide income and employment in developing countries, purify water and protect against soil erosion.

Then there is also the possibility to select a project from all kind of regions, since most of the projects are developed all over the world. We also help you to find VER’s that are certified based on the standards of your preference.

We have supported companies to sources VER’s for a volume of over 6 million VER’s. And as a project developer we know what it takes to realize sustainable project activities.

Please contact us to support you in sourcing VER’s that match your organisation.

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