Carbon Project Development

We develop forest carbon projects based on international carbon standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the Gold Standard and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS). By choosing the right standards, we can assure the quality and marketing possibilities of the carbon credits.

Successful carbon project development ensures that a project is validated against international standards and that it generates valid carbon credits. This in turn will provide a source of income for the project. Through extensive knowledge on field projects, project design and carbon certification protocols we are able to effectively carry out carbon development projects.


We can help you with:

PIN Development

A Project Idea Note is the first step in the process of realizing a forest carbon project. It summarizes the initial ideas of the project and is a preliminary overview of carbon benefits, financial benefits and social and environmental impacts.

Forest Carbon Feasibility Report

The Feasibility Report includes an assessment of all the critical components of a forest carbon project, like the applicability of certification standards and carbon accounting methodologies. We also take into account additionality, baseline scenarios, leakage, a cost-benefit analysis, social and environmental impacts, institutional capacity and the policy context.

PDD Development

A Project Design Document (PDD) provides – amongst others – a full description of the project design, demonstrates additionality and quantifies carbon benefits. The PDD is subject to project validation, after which the project can be registered and verification and carbon credit issuance is enabled. We are glad to help you in creating a PDD. Moreover, we can also fully develop a PDD for you.

VCS Risk and Leakage Assessment Reports

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) requires a non-permanence risk assessment of forest carbon projects. In some cases a leakage assessment is required as well. We have experiences in implementing both types of assessments.

Carbon Stock Inventory

We can quantify carbon stocks in all forest carbon pools. This includes monitoring plans and reports, forest inventory design, field staff training, quality control, coordination of data collection and data processing.

Stakeholder Engagement for Forest Carbon Projects

Especially local communities often are an important stakeholder in forest carbon projects. We offer stakeholder consultations and engagement services to create critical local support for projects and to create positive social impacts. This can be instrumental towards achieving certification based on the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS).

Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring

The assessment and monitoring of biodiversity helps to determine the impact a forest carbon project has on biodiversity. This can be part of achieving certification based on the CCBS. Biodiversity assessment is also relevant for any PES (Payment for Ecosystem Services) project that targets biodiversity.

Guidance and Support for Forest Carbon Projects

We can guide and support project developers in the project design stage and during certification processes.

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