Desert Greening

Through our expertise in the development of carbon forestry projects we have gained experience in project development and (tree-) planting techniques in arid regions with harsh circumstances. . Desert greening is becoming more and more important topic, as it can potentially contribute to solve global water, energy, and food scarcity issues. Furthermore, techniques that enable the sustainable establishment of trees and crops in arid circumstances play an important role in reversing desertification processes that can be observed around the world.

Apart from providing advice on how to set up a (re-)greening project in arid and semi-arid regions, Face the Future has established partnerships with various multi-disciplinary organisations that provide expertise and practical solutions to desert greening and reversing the desertification process.

Together with these partner organisations we can provide practical expertise on planting techniques, resource efficiency, material flow analysis, soil restoration and the application of mycorrhiza as well as tailored project development support in feasibility assessments, project design and certification.

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