Reforestation projects require careful preparation and planning in order to achieve successful implementation. Our advisory service include supporting clients in the process of preparing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating reforestation activities. Depending on the local conditions and the objectives of the project, it is essential to select the right species and management and silvicultural system, to involve your stakeholders, to assess the costs and benefit, and to look at risks, impacts and mitigation measures. It is also important to identify the social and environmental values of reforestation, including jobs, water services, carbon sequestration and climate regulation. We help clients with drafting a Plan of Operations, Forest Management Plans, Monitoring Plans and GIS applications.

Our experience with reforestation started in 1990. Since then, more than 50,000 hectares of forest have been established on 4 continents and in 5 different countries, in cooperation with our local partners. We also helped other organisations with reforestation initiatives. We are currently working on the restoration and rehabilitation of natural forests (i.e. in Uganda and Malaysia) and also on the establishment of sustainable wood plantations, like our small scale teak and balsa plantation in Ecuador.

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