One of our major goals is to mitigate climate change by planting forests that stores carbon dioxide in its biomass. It is therefore essential to know how much carbon gets absorbed by the trees our forests. Since 2003 we are monitoring the carbon stocks in the Kibale reforestation project in Uganda, and this year we conducted the fifth carbon monitoring campaign in cooperation with our project partner Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). It is an intense operation of about 7 weeks of fieldwork by three monitoring teams, with sometimes long working days.

The campaign started with the training of the fieldwork teams; some of the team members were already very experienced with the monitoring equipment and only needed a refreshment course and an update of the new version of the technology, while for others it was the first time to work with the equipment. An expert from our Czech partner IFER was also involved to prepare the campaign and conduct the training. Just like previous campaigns we used IFERs Field-Map technology, a state of the art tool for forest monitoring (more about Field-Map on Altogether we measured more than 10.000 trees in 280 plots. The monitoring results will be submitted for verification under the VCS and CCB standards.

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