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2018 in seven highlights

It is the time of reflection, the time of lists. What a sun-drenched year it was. And dry. This illustrated once again that drastic measures are needed to limit global warming to one and a half degrees. In order to achieve this, we need to protect the world’s forests and plant trees, underlined the IPCC. Face the Future provided a modest but significant contribution to this in 2018. Our highlights this year:

1. Forest planting in Uganda We planted more than 80,000 trees on 50 hectares in Kibale National Park, Uganda, particularly for Greenchoice. Not only does this contribute to the sequestration of CO2, but also has an impact on the restoration of the natural forests and biodiversity of Kibale. Moreover, the planting and maintenance of the young trees provides employment opportunities for the people living around the park. Forest with impact!

2. Sustainable agriculture In May, together with a group of 24 local smallholders, we started our agroforestry pilot project in the area around our forest restoration project in Kibale. In November, all 24 smallholders participated in a 4 day ‘sustainable agriculture’ training course at Kahangi Estate. After completion they received a certificate from Birakunde Dinah, a representative of the local government. We are proud of the accomplishments of these pioneering farmers! To deviate from common practise and start cultivating your land in a different way than your neighbour requires courage and perseverance.

3. New director in Ecuador In Ecuador, Xavier Elizalde was appointed as the new director of our subsidiary PROFAFOR in June. With Xavier, we have a dynamic and enterprising colleague with expertise in-house with the ambition to bring PROFAFOR a step further with our colleagues in Ecuador.

4. Forest planting Tanzania In Tanzania we worked for Greenchoice and gave advice and guidance to an ongoing forestation program. Face the Future guided the development of a strategic plan and the design of a cost-effective monitoring plan. After a training session, the program team now monitors the tree seedling distribution by the nurseries supported by the program.

5. Trees in chicken runs Face was also active in the Netherlands this year. In collaboration with Probos and the Louis Bolk Institute, we investigate how different agroforestry designs can be applied in the range area of free-range chicken farms. Think about, for example, the cultivation of nuts / fruit trees. The aim is to provide poultry farmers with insight into the possibilities for tree planting in a chicken range and the associated costs, benefits as well as the CO2 impact.

6. Food forest Droevendaal Within a former orchard at the Unifarm of Wageningen UR, a Food Forest is now starting to take shape. In this project, funded by Greenchoice, Face the Future is supporting the Agroecology chair group of WUR .

7. Cooperation Trees for All We started a collaboration with Trees For All to plant trees in our Kibale project. We have a long history together and are pleased with this renewed partnership!

On to a new year with many trees to plant!

Best wishes for 2019,

Martijn, Kars, Wouter


Wildlife caught on camera

Wildlife caught on camera

Everyone knows about the abundance of wildlife in our project area, but it is not always so easy to really see the elephants, chimpanzees or bushbucks. Although species like baboons, black and white colobus or red tailed monkeys are relatively common to spot, many other species are shy or afraid of people and prefer to move at night or hide whenever they hear people. We wanted to get a better impression about the animals in the project area, and in February we started experimenting with wildlife cameras in some spots. It is surprising to see how many different species visit the same place. Pictures were taken of elephants, bushbuck, several primate species, giant forest hogs and other species. Baboons and chimps sometimes looked very curious into the camera. Check out a selection of the pictures for yourself:

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Kibale VCS + CCB verification passed

Kibale VCS + CCB verification passed

We are proud to share the news that our forest restoration project in Kibale National Park, Uganda has passed its 3rd VCS and 2nd CCBS verification audit. The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (Aenor) verified a net carbon sequestration between 2014 and 2017 in the planted and regenerated forests of 240,850 tCO2 (equivalent to the average yearly emission of 10,472 households in the Netherlands). We are grateful to everyone involved for their hard work and commitment to the project.

Together with our clients we intend to plant and restore the remaining degraded land within Kibale in the coming years. Moreover, we are increasingly focusing on the communities and lands surrounding the National Park. Here we are supporting local income generating activities, promoting the planting of trees and woodlots on agricultural land, training and raising awareness on climate and conservation issues and mitigating human-wildlife conflicts. With these activities, we aim to strengthen the connection between Kibale NP and the surrounding communities.

If you are curious about how you or your organisation could support the Kibale project, do not hesitate to send us a message.

Kibale project in process of VCS + CCB verification

Kibale project in process of VCS + CCB verification

We are happy to announce that we have finished another round of monitoring of our forest restoration project in Kibale, Uganda in support of our VCS + CCB certification. The monitoring results are available in the draft Project Implementation Report and the draft VCS Carbon Monitoring report (please find documents below to learn more). Both reports are subject to verification by an independent auditor. The site visit for certification is scheduled for the week of 29 May – 2 June 2017. The project will then be verified against both the Verified Carbon Standard as well as the Climate Community and Biodiversity Standard.

Document links:
CCB Project Implementation Report
CCB Summary Project Implementation Report

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