The Challenge

It is estimated that close to 50% of Ecuador’s surface area is affected by land degradation due to deforestation and agricultural expansion. Especially in the coastal region many natural forests and grasslands have been converted into crop and pasture lands. This large scale land use change has caused a severe loss of biodiversity in the region and contributed to increased carbon emissions. Moreover the present inappropriate land use and unsustainable agricultural practices is causing soil erosion and loss of soil fertility, which will lead to reduced land productivity.


The Solution

Together with our subsidiary PROFAFOR S.A., Face the Future is initiating several pilot projects in the coastal region of Ecuador. These pilot projects have the aim to develop and test innovative approaches and techniques in agriculture and forestry, which ulitmately will contribute to the restoration of degraded land, store carbon, improve soil and water quality, bring back biodiversity and increase the productivity of the land for local farmers.


Project Details

Location: Ecuador
Project Type: Agroforestry
Standards: N/a