Current Projects

Uganda - Kibale Reforestation

Reforestation of degraded lands to restore and protect the forests in the Kibale National Park. The project is certified under both the Verified Carbon Standard and the Climate Community and Biodiversity standard.

Malaysia - INFAPRO

Degraded logged-over dipterocarp forest on the island of Borneo is protected against further degradation and rehabilitated by enrichment planting and introducing silvicultural techniques. This project has been VCS certified.

Ecuador - Terra Vida

Pilot projects for the aim of developing and testing innovative approaches and techniques in agriculture and forestry that will ultimately increase the productivity of the land for local farmers.

Ecuador - Sierra Reforestation

A group of afforestation and reforestation  projects in Andes region of Ecuador. The land owners are communities and private landholders. Most of the trees are grown for timber.

Head office in The Netherlands

Face the Future – Main office


INFAPRO Forest Rehabilitation

Kibale National Park

Natural High Forest Rehabilitation Project on degraded land of Kibale National Park

Ayeyarwady Mangrove Reforestation

Mangrove reforestation in a sustainable shrimp aquaculture system

Energy from urban forests

Ecuador Forestation Projects

Orellana Community REDD+ Project

Reforestation Turkey

Forest Protection Project Modrava and Krkonose

Papua New Guinea REDD/IFM Baseline Development

Nepal REDD+ Readiness Preparation

Amazonas Feasibility study carbon project development

Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration Project Senegal

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