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Dutch forest carbon credits now possible

Applications for Dutch carbon certificates for forest projects now possible!

Contributed to climate-smart forest management and forest expansion with climate finance

As of this month, it is possible to apply for carbon certificates from the National Carbon Market Foundation (SNK) for projects in which CO2 is sequesterd using forests and trees. Parties that want to compensate for CO2 emission can make a financial contribution through the purchase of carbon certificates to plant new forest, climate-smart management of existing forest, and planting trees, for example in agroforestry systems. The National Carbon Market Foundation is responsible for independent assurance of the national issue of certificates and monitoring of carbon sequestration in the projects.

Climate-smart forest management means boosting forest resilience and growth by planting young trees and managing them. With this growth impulse, the forest also captures more CO2 than before. The Forest Groups (Bosgroepen) have taken the initiative to set up the methodology for issuing carbon certificates from climate-smart forest management; Together with Probos we have worked out the methodology. Parallel to this process, a methodology has also been developed for carbon certificates from new forest and the planting of trees outside the forest context, for example in agroforestry.

Read more about the methodologies (in Dutch) here:

Methodology for determining CO2 emission reduction for climate-smart forest management

Methodology for determining CO2 emission reduction for the construction of new forest and trees outside the forest context