The Challenge

This project is a community project, set up together with the Ecuadorian government and local communities. The objective of this project is to mitigate global climate change, as well as afforest the Páramo grasslands that are degraded in some areas. It also provides timber resources to the communities and the land owners.

The Solution

As it is a participatory program, the landowners and Indian communities do most of the field work themselves while Face the Future provides the planting material and technical assistance. The tree species selection depends on the preference of the landowners. The main species are non-indigenous pine and eucalypt species. In some sites the indigenous Polylepis species has been planted. We have taken care of all the certification costs, we have given training to land owners on plantation management and have set up a monitoring scheme to determine the performance of the plantations. Once or twice a year we organize meetings with all the landowners to provide them with technical, political and commercial information.

The Result

The project has resulted in about 1 million tonnes of CO2 emission reductions, of which 750,000 tonnes have been issued as risk-free credits. The indigenous trees planted do not only sequester carbon, but also provide a water supply function. The landowners and communities members own the trees and benefit from the harvesting of the timber, which provides them with a valuable source of income. Training in plantation management is provided for the landowners. All planting activities have been finalised and the growing forests are being managed by the local communities and landowners. The project is managed by our Latin American office, PROFAFOR S.A. We provide training, technical assistance and share our knowledge in forest management.

Project Details

Location: Ecuador, Andes Region
Project Type: Afforestation/Reforestation
Standards: AIJ/CDM

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