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Are you looking for a way to compensate your carbon footprint, or to make your business CO2-neutral? We can offer climate compensation via our high-quality forestry projects.

To begin, we advise you how to keep your emissions as low as possible, such as by investing in energy-efficient applications and techniques. But it is nearly impossible to stop all emissions – a portion will remain. We thus offer options to compensate these emissions, by participating in one of our tree-planting projects or by purchasing CO2 certificates in our forest-restoration projects.

Tree planting

One way to compensate your CO2 emissions is to plant trees. By investing in afforestation via one of our forestry projects, you will be contributing to more than the sustainable restoration of degraded forested regions. You’ll also be expanding the habitats of forest animals, as well as contributing to an improvement of living conditions for the local people nearby the projects.

CO2 certificates

In addition to planting trees, you can also compensate your CO2 emissions with emission reduction certificates. We have been offering high-value climate compensation through CO2 certificates (VERs: Verified Emission Reductions) since 2005. These comes from two of our certified forestry projects: the Kibale reforestation project in Uganda and the INFAPRO forest restoration project in Malaysia. The CO2 capture and storage in both projects is certified under the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard). The Kibale project in Uganda also has a CCB (Climate, Community & Biodiversity) certificate.

Clients about Face the Future

Henriette Lachenit, PRIMAKLIMA

“We have been working with Face the Future since the 1990s. It is one of the few players in the field of certified climate forest projects. The requirements we set for projects in which we invest are reliability, quality and verifiability. Face delivers this.”

Martijn Boosten, Probos

“Face the Future is the only party I know that knows how the CO2 market works through and through. And also has experience with it in both the Netherlands and the tropics. Face is an expert partner and the advice I receive is strongly substantiated and solid. At Face you get value for money."