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Do you require guidance for a forestry project? Face the Future has extensive experience in forest project development, monitoring and certification. We can provide you with sound and appropriate advice for all phases of your forestry project. You can turn to us for a feasibility study, or an independent project evaluation. We would be glad to guide you in developing and designing your project or in its certification. We offer support, advice and training in monitoring and reporting on your forestry project.

Independent project evaluation

Are you interested in investing in a project, but first want to be sure of what you are really dealing with? Before investing in a project, you need to form an accurate picture of how the project is designed and how it will perform. We can evaluate whether a project meets your standards and expectations, and whether the project can deliver what it promises. We also can evaluate the impact of the project, in which we examine the CO2 capture and storage, as well as biodiversity and the effect of the project on its surroundings.

Forestry project feasibility studies

Do you have an idea for a forestry project but are unsure about whether it is realistic? We can determine whether the project is economically feasible, whether it fits in with local policy, and whether it could be eligible for certification. We examine the scale of the project, local conditions and the available expertise.

Monitoring & reporting

Are you looking for support in designing or carrying out your monitoring and reporting? We can help. We can assist you in establishing a monitoring plan and we can train and supervise staff in the proper and efficient way to set up and carry out analyses, and to process the monitoring. We also carry out monitoring for our own projects, for VCS and CCB certification.

We can also be of service in reporting results. We process the outcomes of monitoring and create comprehensive reports, clearly showing the actual status and outcomes of the project.

Independent advice & expertise

Do you have questions on forests and climate, biodiversity or certification? How does a forest develop? What is the expected long-term carbon capture and storage of a particular type of forest? What else is involved in developing a climate forestry project? What does the Paris Climate Agreement mean for my forest? You can contact us with no obligation – we would be happy to discuss the options with you.