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To successfully implement a forest restoration project requires careful preparation and planning. Face the Future can offer support in the preparatory work, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of your reforestation activities. Together with our partners, we have ample experience implementing the right type of forestry management and the proper tree species to fit the conditions of your project.

We know how important it is to involve other stakeholders in the project. We can advise you on evaluating the benefits and costs of a project, the impacts, and information on mitigation measures. We identify the major social and economic factors involved in reforestation, such as employment, water services, CO2 capture and storage, and climate regulation.

We would be glad to assist you in devising an operational plan, forestry management plans, monitoring plans and GIS [Geographic Information System] applications.

Clients about Face the Future

Kees van Veluw

Scientist and creator of Food Forest Droevendaal. Wageningen UR

“I work with Wouter and Kars in the Droevendaal Food Forest project. I find them broad-minded ecologists who help to realize my ideal of a 'Student and community supported food forest'”.

Martijn Boosten, Probos

“Face the Future is the only party I know that knows how the CO2 market works through and through. And also has experience with it in both the Netherlands and the tropics. Face is an expert partner and the advice I receive is strongly substantiated and solid. At Face you get value for money."

David Borgman, Borgman Beheer en Advies

“Our long-term and successful collaboration in the field of realization and management of climate forests in the Netherlands shows that Face the Future is an extremely reliable and expert party to tackle such issues”